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Job #

AGR Job Announcements



18-457-A 12W Instructor 1ST BN (EN) 147TH RGMT (RTI) 09/23/18
18-462-A Recruiting & Retention Officer Recruiter R & R Battalion 09/19/18
18-480-A Supply NCO HQ 112th MTB 09/24/18
18-481-A Supply NCO 1484th TRANS CO 09/24/18
18-484-A HR NCO 16th EN BDE 09/27/18
18-496-A Supply NCO HHC, 1-145th AR RGT 09/29/18
18-500-A Training NCO HHB 1-134th FA RGT 09/29/18
18-501-A BN ASST PSNCO 1484th Trans CO 09/29/18
18-504-A Medical Readiness NCO HQ 837th EN BN 10/16/18
18-505-A Supply NCO SVC BTRY 1-174th ADA RGT 10/02/18


Job Number

Technician Jobs



OH-10244622-AR-18-277-T IT Specialist (APPSW) G4 09/28/18
OH-10286634-AR-18-329-T Housing Management Assistant 147th RTI 10/02/18
OH-10301255-AR-18-380-T Aircraft Mechanic AASF #1 10/17/18
OH-10280780-AR-18-390-T Supply Management Specialist G4 09/28/18
OH-10303065-AR-18-394-T Armament Equipment Repair Inspector CSMS 10/08/18
OH-10299909-AR-18-395-T Surface Maintnenance Mechanic Inspector CSMS 10/03/18
OH-10299850-AR-18-399-T Surface Maintenance Mechanic Inspector CSMS 10/03/18
OH-10299954-AR-18-402-T Surface Maintenance Mechanic CSMS 10/03/18
OH-10285466-AR-18-406-T5 Logistics Management Specialist G4 10/08/18
OH-10281909-AR-18-412-T Materials Handler Columbus 09/18/18
OH-1029712-AR-18-418-T Human Resources Assistant G1 10/01/18
OH-10298360-AR-18-419-T Human Resources Assistant G1 10/01/18
OH-10302179-AR-18-447-T Surface Maintenance Mechanic Supervisor CSMS 10/08/18
OH-10301824-AR-18-448-T Surface Maintenance Mechanic Supervisor CSMS 09/21/18


Additional Opportunities for Soldiers

Job Number Other  Positions Location Closing Date
SPP-BAO-SRB-18-001 Bilaterial Affairs Officer (BAO) Position    Amended Serbia 09/20/18