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Job #

AGR Job Announcements



18-554-A Strength Maintenance NCO R & R 11/15/18
18-588-A Training NCO SVC BTRY 1-174th ADA RGT 11/29/18
18-589-A Training NCO BTRY C 1-174th ADA RGT 11/29/18
18-592-A Training NCO BTRY B 1-174th ADA RGT 11/29/18
18-593-A Training NCO BTRY A 1-174th ADA RGT 11/30/18
18-594-A HR NCO HHB, 1-174th ADA RGT 11/30/18
18-601-A HR NCO HHD, 73RD Troop Command 11/17/18
18-612-A  Signal NCO HHT, 2-107th CAV RGT 11/20/18
18-613-A Supply NCO 196th PAD (Mobile) 11/20/18
18-614-A Supply NCO 122D Army Band 11/20/18
18-624-A Readiness NCO A CO, 5-54th SFAR 11/22/18
18-625-A Readiness NCO B CO, 5-54th SFAR 11/22/18
18-626-A Readiness NCO C CO, 5-54th SFAR 11/22/18
18-627-A Readiness NCO D CO, 5-54th SFAR 11/22/18
18-628-A Readiness NCO HHC, 5-54th SFAR 11/22/18
18-629-A BN PSNCO HHC 5-54th SFAR 11/22/18


BN Signal NCO C Co 5-54th SFAR 11/24/18
18-635-A BN Medical Readiness NCO A CO, 5-54TH SFAR 11/24/18
18-639-A Training NCO 211th Training CO 11/28/18
18-640-A Supply NCO JFHQ 11/28/18
18-641-A Supply NCO Co D 1-148th IN RGT 11/28/18
18-642-A Training NCO BTRY A 2-174th ADA RGT 11/28/18
18-643-A Training NCO BTRY B 2-174th ADA RGT 11/28/18
18-644-A BN TRAINING OFFICER HHC 837th BN EN 11/29/18


Job Number

Technician Jobs



OH-10261311-AR-17-588-T Contract Specialist  (2 Positions) USPFO 12/04/18
OH-10351504-AF-18-300-T5 HR Specialist (Mil) 180th FW 12/17/18
OH-10339690-AF-18-305-T5 Internal Control Analyst 178th WG 12/13/18
OH-10339000-AF-18-310-T5 Budget Analyst    178th WG 12/13/18
OH-10351199-ARF-316-T5 Contract Specialist 180th FW 11/23/18
OH-10344258-AR-18-359-T Human Resources Assistant 112th EN BN 11/15/18
OH-10327541-AR-18-381-T Surface Maintenance Repairer FMS 1 11/27/18
OH-10333227-AF-18-426-T5 IT Specialist (Policy and Planning) 180th FW 11/22/18
OH-10336572-AR-18-435-T Aircraft Mechanic  (4 Positions) AASF #2 12/04/18
OH-10343069-AR-18-446-T Aircraft Pilot (2 Positions) AASF #2 11/30/18
OH-10339279-AR-18-459-T5 IT SPEC (SYSADMIN) USPFO 11/30/18
OH-10328260-AR-18-467-T5 Accounting Technician  (2 Posting) USPFO 11/26/18
OH-10330366-AR-18-472-T Allied Trades Helper CSMS 11/16/18
OH-10314992-AR-18-479-T Logistics Management Specialist G4 11/19/18
OH-10330275-AR-18-482-T Surface Maintenance Mechanic Inspector FMS 6 11/14/18
OH-10325417-AR-18-503-T Surface Maintenance Mechanic   Amended FMS 6 11/27/18
OH-10345157-AR-18-510-T Surface Maintenance Specialist SMMO 12/07/18
OH-10342265-AR-18-514-T Supply Management Specialist SMMO 11/24/18
OH-10332679-AR-18-516-T Surface Maintenance Mechanic Supervisor UTES 11/16/18
OH-10344150-AR-18-519-T Training Technician G3 12/03/18
OH-10338655-AR-18-524-T Human Resources Assistant G1 11/26/18
OH-10342568-AR-18-525-T Production Controller CSMS 11/24/18
OH-10350238-AR-18-527-T Materials Handler USPFO 12/05/18
OH-10339167-AR-18-528-T Surface Maintenance Repairer FMS 6 11/23/18
OH-10340100-AR-18-535-T5 HR Spec (HRD) HRO 11/26/18


Additional Opportunities for Soldiers

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