Application Process for ONG Technician Positions

Technician Programs are available for both the Army and Air National Guard. The majority of Technical positions require military membership in the Ohio National Guard as a condition of employment.

Who can apply

Applications are accepted from current Excepted and Non-Dual Status employees of the Ohio National Guard, current military members of the Ohio National Guard and individuals who are eligible and willing to enlist in the Ohio National Guard. Vacancies are usually open to onboard permanent technicians first and the area of consideration is broadened when selection is not made or if the position is deemed entry level.

Positions not requiring military status will be marked as "non-mil".  Civilians may apply for these positions as well as military members.

Principal Duties And Responsibilities

Military applicants must participate with the unit, performing the duties outlined in the Full-Time Manning position description to the maximum extent possible, during all periods of IDT and AT in the prescribed military uniform. Specific Principal Duties and Responsibilities will be listed on each vacancy announcement.


Each position requires a minimum number of months of specialized experience in order to be minimally qualified for the position. The Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) have been identified for each position and must be addressed by the applicant. The application must describe the applicant's work experience addresses the KSAs. Simply restating the KSAs is not sufficient for applicant qualification purposes. Certain positions allow for substitution of education for experience. Original transcripts or copies of transcripts must be submitted with application. HRO cannot accept transcripts taken from a student's online academic account.

Conditions Of Employment

  1. Because of the distinctive military nature of the technician program, certain specific restrictions apply. All technicians must continue to maintain proper military membership, to include military grade, unit of assignment, branch of service and be MOS/AFSC qualified for the technician position occupied. Situations of military grade inversion are not permitted; i.e., a military technician may not be militarily senior to his full time supervisor. Military incompatibility is not permitted in the technician program in accordance with NGR 600-25. The recommended applicant will not be approved for appointment until he/she occupies a compatible MOS/AFSC in the Ohio National Guard aligned with the technician position.
  2. Employees in the Technician Program are required to participate in the Direct Deposit/Electronic Fund Transfer Program.
  3. Recommended applicants will not be approved for appointment until the appropriate physical examination is completed.
  4. Technicians are required to wear the military uniform.

Evaluation Factors

The review of application materials will be used by the Personnel Staffing Specialist to determine minimum qualifications. The selecting official and interview team will conduct personal interviews to determine which applicant will be selected for the position. The Ohio National Guard is an equal opportunity employer

Application Procedures

All technician jobs go through USA Jobs website.
Links can be found within the listing on the Air and Army Job Postings pages under Technician Postings.

The complete Application Package must be submitted by 11:59 PM (EST) on the Closing Date of the announcement in which you are applying for.
Application procedures can be found under the
How to Apply link on the menu bar. (Do not submit an OF-612; it is obsolete and no longer accepted.)

If you choose to use your personal resume please ensure that your resume contains your full name, address, phone and at least the last four digits of your social security number. Applicants are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to use the USA JOBS Resume Builder to apply for technician positions.