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Job #

AGR Job Announcements



19-327-A FTNG-D Strength Maintenance NCO               R & R Suitability Questionnaire R & R Indefinite
19-371-C IT Specialist (PLCYPLN) 269th CBCS 07/08/19
19-374-A Strength Maintenance NCO                     Suitability Questionnaire R & R 06/19/19
19-375-C Mission Support Officer 178th WG 06/28/19
19-404-A Training NCO 1484th Trans CO 06/21/19
19-419-A HR NCO JFHQ-G1 06/25/19
19-429-A Medical NCO HQ 1-145th AR RGT 06/28/19
19-431-A Medical NCO HQ 1-174th ADA RGT 06/28/19


Job Number

Technician Jobs



AF-19-080-T5 Training Technician 180th FW 06/24/19
AR-19-307-T Motor Vehicle Operator McConnelsville 06/13/19
AF-19-266-T IT Specialist (SYSADMIN) 123rd ACS 06/14/19
AR-19-277-T Surface Maintenance Mechanic Leader UTES 07/15/19
AF-19-290-T Intelligence Operatons Specialist 126th IS 06/14/19
AR-19-295-T IT Specialist (NETWORK) G6 06/24/19
AR-19-300-T Supply Technician Ravenna Arsenal 06/13/19
AR-19-302-T Surface Maintenance Mechanic Ketttering 06/13/19
AR-19-304-T Surface MaIntenance Mechanic   (2 Vacancies) Springfield, Ohio 06/13/19
AR-19-305-T Surface Maintenance Mechanic McConnelsville 06/13/19
AR-19-307-T Motor Vehicle Operator McConnelsville 06/13/19
AR-19-309-T Production Controller McConnelsville 06/13/19
AR-19-312-T Surface Maintenance Mechanic Stow 06/17/19
AR-19-332-T Quality Assurance Specialist RANGB 06/13/19
AR-19-339-T Materials Handler Columbus 06/13/19
AF-19-352-T5 IT Specialist (DATAMGT) USPFO 06/17/19
AR-19-363-T Surface Maintenance Specialist CSMS 06/21/19
AF-19-371-C IT Specialist (PLCYPLN) 269th CBCS 07/08/19
AR-19-377-T Logistics Management Specialist G4 06/28/19
AF-19-380-T Fuel Distribution System Worker 179th WG 07/05/19
AR-19-401-T Surface Maintenance Mechanic Leader CSMS 07/17/19
AR-19-402-T Surface Maintenance Repairer    (2 Positions) FMS 9 07/11/19


Additional Opportunities for Soldiers

Job Number Other  Positions Location Closing Date
  Command Sergeant Major 112th Engineer Battalion 06/28/19