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Job #

AGR Job Announcements



19-327-A FTNG-D Strength Maintenance NCO               R & R Suitability Questionnaire R & R Indefinite
19-414-C IT Spec (Custspt) 178th WG 08/19/19
19-487-T5 Airman and Family Readiness  180th FW 08/30/19
19-497-C IT Specialist (Network) 121st ARW 08/16/19
19-498-C IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 121st ARW 08/30/19
19-501-C HR Spec (Info Sys) 178th WG 08/28/19
19-513-A Nuclear Med Officer     Amended 52nd CST (WMD) 08/20/19
19-518-A Intel Officer HQ 37th IBCT 08/16/19
19-526-A Medical Readiness NCO HQ 837th EN BN 08/20/19
19-527-A Supply NCO      ****  Cancelled  **** 684th Medical CO 08/20/19
19-528-A Training NCO 285th Medical CO 08/20/19
19-535-A Master Gunner   Amended BTRY A 2-174th  09/05/19
19-539-A Readiness NCO    SFAR Selection Criteria       SFB Assignment Request DA 4187 D CO 5-54th SFAR 08/24/19
19-562-A Readiness NCO HHD 437th MP BN 08/30/19
19-563-A Supply NCO 196th Public Affairs DET (Mobile) 08/30/19


Job Number

Technician Jobs



AR-19-350-T Surface Maintenance Repairer (4 Vacancies) CSMS 09/03/19
AF-19-414-C IT Spec (Custspt) 178th WG 08/19/19
AR-19-421-T Safety Specialist JFHQ 08/27/19
AR-19-465-T5 IT Specialist (DATAMGT) USPFO 08/28/19
AR-19-467-T HR Assistant Columbus 09/13/19
AR-19-468-T Materials Handler (SSC) USPFO 08/20/19
AR-19-474-T5 Contract Specialist USPFO 09/05/19
AR-19-476-T5 Contract Specialist USPFO 09/04/19
AR-19-477-T Surface Maintenance Mechanic Leader FMS 11 08/23/19
AR-19-478-T Allied Trades Helper CSMS 08/15/19
AR-19-479-T Surface Maint Mech  FMS 11 09/06/19
AF-19-482-T Information Security Specialist 180th FW 08/30/19
AF-19-493-T5 Training Technician 180th FW 09/03/19
AR-19-496-T Production Controller FMS 1 08/19/19
AF-19-497-C IT Specialist (Network) 21st ARW 08/16/19
AF-19-498-C IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 121st ARW 08/30/19
AF-19-499-T5 Financial Management Technician 121st ARW 08/30/19
AF-19-500-T Financial Management Technician 121st ARW 08/30/19
AF-19-501-C     HR Spec (Info Spec) 178th WG 08/28/19
AR-19-505-T Materials Examiner and Identifier FMS #17 09/12/19
AR-19-506-T5 Public Affairs Specialist JFHQ-PAO 08/27/19
AR-19-516-T Surface Maintenance Mechanic Supervisor CSMS 08/27/19
AR-19-517-T Range Operations Specialist CPJTC 08/27/19
AR-19-523-T Surface Maintenance Mechanic CSMS 09/13/19
AR-19-533-T Surface Maintenance Mechanic Inspector FMS 1 09/13/19
AR-19-525-T5 Public Affaris Specialist PAO 08/22/19


Additional Opportunities for Soldiers

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