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Job #

AGR Job Announcements



19-009-A Supply NCO Co C 1-148th IN RGT 01/23/19
19-004-A Supply NCO 137th Signal CO 01/19/19
19-005-A   HR NCO DET 1 HSTB 371ST SUST BDE 01/19/19
19-006-A Readiness NCO HHC 1-137th AV RGT 01/22/19
19-007-A Training NCO HHB 174th ADA BDE 01/22/19
19-019-A INFO Technology Specialist JFHQ-PAS 01/25/19
19-027-A Readiness NCO HHC 155th Chem BN 01/26/19
19-028-A Signal NCO HQ 1-148th IN RGT 01/26/19
19-040-A SR Aviation OPS NCO DET 21 OPNLSPT Airlift (OSA) 01/30/19
18-689-A Readiness NCO     Amended D CO 5-54th SFAR 01/13/19
18-705-A Strength Maintenance NCO   OHARNG R & R       Suitability Questionaire          ************Amended************** R & R 01/13/19
18-710-A Plans Officer G3 01/16/19
18-711-A BN Training Officer HQ 437th MP BN 01/17/19


Job Number

Technician Jobs



OH-10396711-AF-19-018-T5 HR Spec (R & P/COMP) HRO 01/28/19
OH-10376369-AF-18-331-T5 Automotive Mechanic 269th CCS 01/23/19
OH-10345076-AR-18-492-T Electronic Integrated Systems Mechanic CSMS 01/25/19
OH-10386268-AF-18-534-T5 Logistics Management Specialist 200 RHS 01/17/19
OH-10385453-AF-18-571-T5 IT Specialist (CUSTSPT) 121st ARW 01/28/19
OH-10354634-AR-18-582-T IT Specialist (SYSADMIN) G6 01/14/19
OH-10373618-AR-18-585-T5 Resource Manager DIMR 01/14/19
OH-10377035-AR-18-657-T5 IT Specialist (DATAMGT) USPFO 01/31/19
OH-10373721-AR-18-638-T Surface Maintenance Mechanic   (6 positions) CSMS 02/04/19
OH-10385970-AR-18-681-T Engineering Technician (Civil) Camp James Garfield 01/21/19
OH-10386046-AR-18-682-T Materials Handler Ravenna 01/21/19
OH-10384726-AR-18-683-T Facility Operations Specialist DIMR 02/11/19
OH-10386930-AR-18-720-T Budget Analyst State Surgeon Office 01/31/19


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