Office of Workers Compensation Program (OWCP)
Technician Personnel Regulations
CNGBI 1400-25, Vol 800   National Guard Technician Injury Compensation Program 08.09.2018


Ohio National Guard Policies, Guidance & Memorandums
  OWCP Information Posters 05.2021
  Employee and Provider Information Packet 05.2021
HRO 12-01  Policy for Placing Technicians on Light Duty 11.07.2015
  Sample of Light Duty Memo  
HRO Use of Offical Time for Physical Fitness Program (PFP) 10.24.2016


NGB Policies, Guidance & Memorandums
TN-07-59 Policy for Placing Federal Technicians on Light Duty  10.10.07
TN-11-24 National Guard Bureau (NGB) Guidance to Allow Technicians to Receive Influenza Vaccine 11.08.2011


  Workers Compendation for Supervisors 09/30/21
  CNSI Medical Billing Card  
  Convention Steps to take and Helpful Information 2020
CA-35A Evidence Required in Support of a Claim for Occupational Disease  
  ECOMP FAQ - Electronic Document Submission   
CA-810,Revised 2009 Injury Compensation for Federal Employees Publication CA-810  
  Supervisor's OWCP Checklist 05.2021
  Reviewing a CA-1 as a Supervisor  
CA-10 What a Federal Employee Should Do When Injurted At Work  
CA-7b Leave Buy Back (LBB) Worksheet/Certification and Election  
OWCP 957 Medical Travel Form 2.2017
CA-17 U.S. Department of Labor Duty Status Report 6.2021
CA-20 U.S. Department of Labor: Attending Physician's Report 6.2021
CA-7a  Time Analysis Form 9. 2014
 SF-1199  Direct Deposit Sign-up Form 9.2014