Pay & Incentives for Technicians
TPR Released
TPR 990-2 Hours of Duty, Pay, and Leave - Incl Changes 1-2 07.09.1984


Ohio National Guard Policies, Guidance & Memorandums
HRO HRO Policy # 23-004      Advanced In-Hire Rates for Federal Employees 05.18.2023
HRO HRO Policy # 22-010  Ohio National Guard Recruitment, Relocation, and Retention (3R) Incentives 06.23.2022
HRO Retention Incentive Nomination Form Fillable                           Updated 11.10.2022
HRO Recertification of Retention Incentive Form Fillable                 Updated 11/10/2022
HRO Recruitment Incentive Nomination Form Fillable                      Updated 11.10.2022
HRO Relocation Incentive Checklist 10.25.2017
HRO Relocation Incentive Nomination Form Fillable                        Updated 11/10/2022
HRO Group Retention Incentive Form                                           New 1/10/20221
HRO Ohio Retention Incentive Service Agreement                            Updated 11/10/2022
HRO Retention Incentive Checklist 10.25.2017
HRO Pay Setting Policy 12.09.2015
EDP-HDP Environmental Differential Pay and Hazard Differential Pay Plan 07.09.1984




EDP-HDP Sample Request Memorandum