Regulations & Policies for Technicians
Technician Personnel Regulations
TPR 100 The Technician Personnel Publications System 12.01.1997
TPR 200 Technician Personnel Regulation 200 - Incl Changes 1-4 10.31.1983
TPR 335 Ohio Merit Placement Plan 03.16.2018
TPR 300 Technician Personnel Regulation 300 - Incl Basic and Changes 1-11 03.17.1981
TPR 351 Reorganizations, Realignments and Reduction in Force for Ohio 07.01.2009
CNGBI 0402.01 National Guard Alternative Dispute Resolution 07.24.2015
CNGBI 1100.01 Prohibited Extensions of Title 32 Orders for Use of Leave 04.08.2013
CNGBI 1102.01 NGB Absence, Leave and Overtime Program for Title 5 Civilan Personnel 07.18.1208
CNGBI 1300.01 Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program 07.16.2016
CNGBI 1301.01A Military Duty Status for National Guard Members assigned to NGB 07.21.2017
CNGBI 1302.01 Guidance for Members Performing Duty Under the Authority of 32 USA 502(f)  04.23.2012
CNGBI 1303.01A Expedited Transfer Reassignment or removal of National Guard Members due to an Unrestricted Reort of Sexual Assault 08.06.2014
CNGBI 1400.25, Vol.400 National Guard Human Resources Development Program 09.05.2018
CNGBI 1400_25 Vol 293 NG Supervisor Employee Work Folder Program 10.05.2018
CNGBI 1400.25 Vol 451 NG Technician Incentive Awards Program 10.05.2018
CNGBI 1400.25A National Guard Technician Personnel Program 10.10.2017
ONGJ1 1400, 25 Vol 431 Performance Management 05.04.2018
CNGBI 1400.25, Vol. 431 National Guard Technician Performance Appraisal Program 01.24.2018
TPR 511 Classification and Position Management 07.15.2007
CNGBI 1400.25 Vol 303 National Guard Title 32 Dual Status Military Technician Compatibility Program 12.11.2018
CNGBI 1400.25, Vol. 630 National Guard Technician and Civilian Personnel Absence and Leave Program 04.23.2021
CNGBI 1400.25, Vol 715 National Guard Technician and Civilian Personnel Voluntary and Non-Disciplinary Actions Program 09.15.2021
CNGBI 1400.25, Vol 752 National Guard Technician and Civilian Personnel Discipline and Adverse Action Program 06.29.2020
CNGBI 1400.25, Vol 753 National Guard Technician and Civilian Personnel Adverse Action Appeals and Hearing Examiner Program 06.29.2020
CNGBI 1400.25, Vol 800 National Guard Technician Injury Compensation Progarm 08.09.2018
CNGBI 1400_25 Vol 840 NG Technician Phased Retirement Program 07.25.2018
CNGBI 9600_01 Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy and Guidance 06.09.2013
CNGBI 9601.01 NG Discrimination Complaint Program 09.27.2015
CNGBI 9651_01A National Guard Diversity and Inclusion 08.20.2018
TPR 715 Voluntary and Non-Disciplinary Actions 07.12.2007
TPR 752 Discipline and Adverse Action  09.19.2011
TPR 752-1 Adverse Action  Appeals and the National Guard Hearing Examiner Program 08.27.2010
TPR 792  NGB Technician Assistance Program (TAP) 02.08.2011 
TPR 990-2 Hours of Duty, Pay, and Leave - Incl Changes 1-2 07.09.1984


Ohio National Guard Policies, Guidance & Memorandums
HRO-22-001 Training and Travel Policy for Fiscal Year 2022 10.22.21
  HRO Frequently Asked Questions - COVID-19           UPDATED 12.04.20
HRO-22-002 Federal Employee Time and Attendance Procedures for COVID-19 Vaccinations  10.22.21
HRO-21-003 National Guard Technician Service Computation Date (NG Tech SCD) Validationand Seniority Rosters 12.31.20
HRO-21-006 Higher Annual Leave Carryover Limit FY 2021 02.05.21
HRO-21-009 Ohio National Guard Duty-hours and Work-Schedule Policy for Federal Workforce Members 02.04.21

Procedures for Restoration of Annual Leave Forfeited by Title 32 Military Technicians and title 5 National Guard Employees

Request for Restoration Forfeited Annual Leave


Reasonable Accommodations

Request for Reasonable Accommodation/Personal Assistance Services

Supervisor Review Form

HRO 21-015 Intermixing of Technician Duty and Military Status Policy 05.04.21
HRO 21-020 Overtime and Compensatory Time Management 06.22.21
HRO 21-021 Unliquidated Defense Travel System (DTS) Documents Policy 06.28.21
HRO 21-024 OHNG Administrative Grievance Plan for Title 32 Technicians and Title 5 National Guard Employees 09.01.21
HRO 21-025 OHNG Operational Posture Force Protection Measures for Full-Time Workforce, during the On-Going COVID-19 Pandemic  08.05.21
HRO 21-027 Ohio National Guard Full-Time Workforce Return to Work Plan 09.15.21
HRO 21-029 T5 Vaccination Plan 10/12/21
HRO-20-018 OHNG Political Activities Policy 07.02.20


HRO 20-020

Encl 1

Encl 2

FFCRA AUS Clarification              (EXPIRED)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Guidance for Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) Paid Leave

ATAAPS Time Card Coding for FFCRA Leave

FFCRA Request Form




HRO-20-021 ONG COVID-19 Spread-Mitigation Policy for the Federal Full-time Workforce  04.09.20
  OHNG Mission Command Guidance for Weather and Safety Leave 03.20.20
HRO 20-029 Waiver of the APFT Requirement for Soldiers Ordered to FTNGD Under FEMA Mission Assignment Authority 09.09.20
  COVID-19 Leave Flexibility Chart 03.24.20
  HRO Encl 1 CARES Act Impact on Federal Employees Benefits due to COVID 07.02.20
  Health Coverage Forms Fast Facts - Annuitants Plan Year 2019 2019
  Health Coverage Forms Fast Facts - Employees Plan Year 2019 2019
HR-20-001 Ohio National Guard Special Event Policy 10.10.19
HR-20-004 Conversion to Indefinite and Temporary Appointments 10.23.20
HR-20-005 Requirement for Separate Department of Defense Enterprise Email Accounts and Common Access Cards for Title 5 National Guard Employees; and the Use of Civilian Titles for Official Correspondence and Business  03.06.20
HR-20-006 Inclusion of T5 Employees into the Ohio National Guard   
HR-20-016 Excused Absence & Time Alloted for Voting for OHNG Full-Time Workforce  03.03.20
HR-19-002 Supervisory Performance Standard: Whistleblower Protection 01.31.20
HR 18-002  Dress Code Policy 03.15.18
HR 16-010 Treatment of Persons (Hazing and Bullying 04.19.16
  Excused Absence for Voting Policy 10.30.18
  Collective Bargaining Agreement (Final) 2018 10.26.18
HRO 17-010 Veteran's Preference Management 12.15.17
HRO 17-007 Presidential leave Procedures for Federal Employees and AGR Personnel 10.03.17
NGOH 17-001 Business Rules for Technician Personnel Action Requests 02.14.17
NGOH-HRO-Z Use of Technician Military Leave while performing AGR Duty 01.18.17
NGOH-HRO Guiding Principles to all Commanders in Planning and Displaying Holiday Decorations 11.30.16
NGOH-HRO  Lactation Policy 11.01.16
NGOH-HRO Supervisor & Technician Responsibilities for Technicians in AUS Status 11.04.16
NGOH-HRO Technician Leave Procedures while AUS Policy 11.07.16
NGOH-HRO New Security Requirements for Entry into the Ohio Army National Guard Technician Program 09.16.16
NGOH-HRO-EO Equal Opportunity Policy #CS-16-009 04.19.16
NGOH-HRO NGAUS Conference Attendance Guidance 11.20.15
NGOH-HRO The Technician Human Resources Development Program 07.12.16
NGOH-SHRD For Supervisors of State Employees - ADJ Work Rule - Secondary Employment 08.11.15
NGOH-SHRD For Supervisors of State Employees - Background Check Policy 06.01.15
NGOH-HRO Weingarten Rights 10.04.17
NGOH-HRO Technician Handbook 10.01.17
NGOH-HRO ONG Pay Policy 08.01.14
NGOH-HRO PD Addendum Recinded 04.17.14
NGOH-HRO Physical Fitness Program Policy 10.24.16
HRO 12-01 Policy for Placing Technicians on Light Duty 12.07.15
EDP/HDP ONG Environmental Differential Pay and Hazard Differential Pay Plan 10.25.12
 HRO-21-018 Telework Policy          DD Form 2946           UPDATED 06.10.21
   How to Code Telework in ATAAPS 12.13.17
   Telework REQUIRED Training for Supervisors 10.23.18
   Telework REQUIRED Training for Employees 10.23.18
HRO-Z Command, Leadership, and Staff Assignment Policy (CLASP) and Procedures 10.14.16