New Employee Orientation (NEO)

1st Monday of the pay period, HRO Classroom, Beightler Armory.
Starting time for Technicians is 9:45 and 12:30 for all AGRs!


Documents are available for download according to status.
New employees should select their status from below to access the files:

Mandatory Constitution VIDEO from United States Department of Defense
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Associate Justice (Ret.) of the U.S. Supreme Court, speaks on Constitution Day and Citizenship Day.
Click to view video  | Click to view transcript       
NEO Brief 1  Forms Instructions  | NEO BRIEF 1 - POWERPOINT Presentation (download)
NEO Brief 2 Benefits Part 1 | NEO BRIEF 2 - POWERPOINT Presentation <download)
NEO Brief 3 Benefits Part 2 | NEO BRIEF 3 - POWERPOINT Presentation (download)
 Ethical Principles
 Principles of Ethical Conduct for Government Employees
 Army NEO
 ARMY NEO Instructions
 Beightler Directions
 New Computer User Checklist
 NGOH Form 25-3
 AUP Acceptable Use Policy   25-1
 New User Checklist Instructions
 JFHQ Beightler Access Badge Request Form
 Termination of Incentive Bonus Programs
 DCPDS Log In Fix
 Air NEO
 Air NEO Instructions
 Beightler Directions
 DCPDS Log In Fix