Employee Benefits
Ohio National Guard Policies, Guidance & Memorandums
Ohio eOPF Checklist 05.06.2021
eOPF Account Setup 05.06.2021
NEO Remember Sheet 05.06.2021
GRB Step-By-Step 05.06.2021
How to Drop TRICARE 05.24.2017
Accessing the eOPF 07.31.2017


NGB Policies, Guidance & Memorandums
 Federal Benefits FastFact Sheet - FEHB for Former Spouse 2021
Family Member Eligibility Fact Sheets 2021
Child Turning 26 - FastFact Sheet 2021
 Federal Benefits FastFact Sheet - FEHB Temporary Continuation Coverage 2014
 Federal Benefits FastFact Sheet - FEHB 2014
 Federal Benefits FastFact - FEDVIP Dental 2014
 Federal Benefits FastFact - Vision 2014
 Federal Benefits FastFact - FEGLI 2014
 BAL 14-210 FEHB Program Modification 2014
Federal Register 5 CFR Part 890 2014
NGAUS Brochure      NGAUS Long Enrollment Form (After 31 Days)     NGAUS Short Enrollment Form (Within 31 Days)  2023


Federal Employee Benefits Bulletins
OH-02 Removal of Expiraton Date for Certain Time-Off Awards 09.11.20
OH-03 Federal Employee Paid Parental Leave Act (FEPLA) Interim Guidance 09.21.20
OH-04 Implementation of 5% Automatic Enrollment for TSP Participants 10.06.20
OH-05 Changes in Federal Worker's Compensation Program 10.14.20
OH-06 Higher Annual Leave Carry Over Limit under Section 1111 of NDAA 2021 01.12.21
OH-07 Higher Annual Leave Carry Over Limit under Section 1111 of NDAA 2021    UPDATED GUIDANCE 03.15.21
OH-08 Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Guidance 03.31.21
OH-09 FEPLA Paid Paternal Leave  UPDATED GUIDANCE 05.26.21
OH-10 USERRA Rights for State Acive Duty (SAD) Orders 06.10.21
OH-11 Rate Change for Federal Employee Group LIfe Insurance (FEGI) Premiums 09.10.21
OH-12 Federal Employee Benefits 2021 Open Season Announcement 10.06.21
OH-14 Army Awards Board Feedback from 13 January 2022 02.16.22
OH-16 NGAUS New Insurance Company and New Administrator 10.05.22
OH-17 Divorce Decrees /  Court Orders /  Retirement 10.05.22
OH-18 Technician Military Leave on AGR Duty 12.22.22
OH-19 Family Member FEHB Verification 09.08.23
OH-20 FEDVIP Coverage Extension 09.08.23
OH-21 Admin Leave for Polls and Voting 09.08.23