Staffing & Classification for Technicians
Technician Personnel Regulations
TPR 303 Military Technician Compatibility 08.24.2005
TPR 511 Classification and Position Management 07.15.2007
TPR 700 Technician Personnel Regulation 700 - Incl Changes 1-4 08.16.1982


Ohio National Guard Policies, Guidance & Memorandums
 NGOH-HRO-Z Non-Dual Status Technician Request for Fill Process 03.15.2016
 USA Staffing Selection Manager: Quick Start Guide 01.24.2012
 USA Staffing How to Print all Case  File Docs in Selection Manager  
NGOH-HRO-Z Full Time Manning Hierarchy Maintenance 07.13.2012
  Example of how to make updates to your hierarchy report 07.13.2012
NGOH HRO-T Student Volunteer Service Program (SVSP)
HRO Policy Letter 12-04
NGOH HRO-T Policy on Backfilling Technician Positions when the Absence is due to
Uninformed Service or Compensable Injury (NGOH-T-11-02)
NGOH HRO Key Staffing Appointment Policy 03.24.2011


NGB Policies, Guidance & Memorandums
   PD Addendum Rescinded 04.17.2014 
TN-10-04 New Position Description Numbering System 02.02.2010
TN-09-22 Guidance when Adding Supervisory Duties to Non-Supervisory Positions 06.17.2009
TN-08-28 Clarification of the Grade Inversion Policy 12.11.2008



Hiring Manager Information
   USA Staffing: Hiring Manager Interface - Accessing the System  7/19/2017
   USA Staffing: Hiring Manger Interface - Hiring Action Dashboard  7/19/2017
   USA Staffing: Hiring Manager Interface - Reviews: Job Opportunity Announcement  7/19/2017
   USA Staffing: Hiring Manager Interface - Reviews: Applicant Lists  7/19/2017
   USA Staffing: Hiring Manager Interface - Managing Review Assignments, Alerts and Help? 7/19/2017


Forms & Checklists
HRO Hierarchy Change Request 03/15/17
AGOH 690-52

Army Merit Announcement Request

 Air Merit Announcement Request

 SF-52 Request for Personnel Action  
NGB Form 34-1 Application for Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) Position   34-1 11.11.13
  MOU Terms of Temporary Technician Employment  
OMB 3206-0182 Declaration for Federal Employees Jan 2001