Staffing & Classification for Technicians


CNGBI 1400.25 Vol 303 NGT 32 Dual Status Military Technician Compatibility Program 12.11.2018
TPR 511 Classification and Position Management 07.15.2007
TPR 700 Discipline Conducts Statndards etc. 08.16.1982


Ohio National Guard Policies, Guidance & Memorandums
 USA Staffing Selection Manager: Quick Start Guide 01.24.2012
 USA Staffing How to Print all Case  File Docs in Selection Manager  
NGOH-HRO-Z Full Time Manning Hierarchy Maintenance 07.13.2012
  Example of how to make updates to your hierarchy report 07.13.2012
NGOH HRO-T Student Volunteer Service Program (SVSP)
HRO Policy Letter 12-04
NGOH HRO-T Policy on Backfilling Technician Positions when the Absence is due to
Uninformed Service or Compensable Injury (NGOH-T-11-02)


NGB Policies, Guidance & Memorandums
   PD Addendum Rescinded 04.17.2014 
TN-10-04 New Position Description Numbering System 02.02.2010
TN-09-22 Guidance when Adding Supervisory Duties to Non-Supervisory Positions 06.17.2009
TN-08-28 Clarification of the Grade Inversion Policy 12.11.2008



Hiring Manager Information
   USA Staffing: Hiring Manager Interface - Accessing the System  7/19/2017
   USA Staffing: Hiring Manger Interface - Hiring Action Dashboard  7/19/2017
   USA Staffing: Hiring Manager Interface - Reviews: Job Opportunity Announcement  7/19/2017
   USA Staffing: Hiring Manager Interface - Reviews: Applicant Lists  7/19/2017
   USA Staffing: Hiring Manager Interface - Managing Review Assignments, Alerts and Help? 7/19/2017


Forms & Checklists
HRO Hierarchy Change Request 03/15/17

AGOH 690-52

NGOH Form 690-52b

Army Merit Announcement Request

 Air Merit Announcement Request



 SF-52 Request for Personnel Action  
NGB Form 34-1 Application for Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) Position   34-1 11.11.13
  MOU Terms of Temporary Technician Employment  
OMB 3206-0182 Declaration for Federal Employees Jan 2001